Community Energy Birmingham is a renewable energy cooperative that funds, installs and operates renewable energy in community buildings in Birmingham.  We are a community benefit society with an open membership and we are run in accordance with cooperative values and principles.  We are run by a voluntary board that is elected by the membership.  We are looking for the right type of partner organisations with suitable buildings in Birmingham for our next phase of large solar power installations.  If your building is suitable then we are interested in working with you to install solar power on your building.  There would be no upfront capital cost for you.  You would buy some, or most, of your electricity from us, at a lower price than you currently pay your electricity supplier. Your building should be in Birmingham.
Your organisation

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If you are incorporated, please give us your registration number (e.g. with Companies House, Charity Commission, FCA).

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Your roof space

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If you answered pitched roof or flat roof to question 2.a above, does the roof have any asbestos present?

If you answered pitched roof or flat roof to question 2.a above, what is the roof made of?

Does the roof material have a predicted lifespan of 25 years from now? *

If you answered 'no' to the previous question, do you have the funds to repair your roof?

Your building

Do either of the following apply? *

If you lease the building, who is the landlord?

If you lease the building, will your landlord expect a share of the income from the generation of electricity?

How much electricity does your building use in a year?  You can tell us in kiloWatt hours (preferred) or in £. *

If you aren't sure then tell us approximately how much you spend on electricity in a year.  We may contact you to go through this question with you.
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